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Basic uptime tests - PING



  • Checks if your server is up using ping (ICMP ECHO) request
  • Detects network errors and gathers traceroute information
  • Checks your server from selected network/geo locations
  • Notifies you (via SMS, e-mail, IM, IOS/Android push) when outage occurs
  • Generates SLA PDF reports and send them via e-mail


  • Your server may be shutdown in case of power outage, network problems, human error or any other event
  • There are some network problems so people cannot connect to your server or the connection is poor quality (packet loose ratio)
  • Hacker activity (ie. DDOS attack) on servers where your website is hosted
  • Human or system errors


Simply get to know when your server is down, and get notification when it happens, so you may react or fix the problem. will verify server response 24h/day by sending PING (ICMP ECHO) request from selected locations in the Internet. Each attempt will be verified against response time. Each check provides info if the server is up and how fast it responses. We collect this data and show it you on data charts in administration panel and e-mail reports. You can define how often the checks should be performed, ie. every 10 minutes and from which location it should be done (various places in the World/data centers/cities/countries). You can select 2 or more locations. The more locations is selected, the more data is gathered and the monitoring will cost more. The more frequently the server is checked, the better precision you will get (faster info about outage), and again the monitoring will cost more when checks are configured more frequently.

You may get monitoring results in 3 ways:

  • Instant notification - we will send you SMS, e-mail or IM message (depending what communication types you've selected) as soon as we detect a problem with your server.
  • Periodic reports (Service Level) - once per day, week or month. Sent by e-mail in PDF format with crucial information about downtime, errors types, location related problems.
  • On-line interface - you can follow your monitoring results in real time, using data charts and status pages.


  • You may want to receive a notification instantly or after a selected period of time, so you will not be bothered about short outages. For example - send me an SMS if the outage lasts longer than 5 minutes.
  • You can set the size of ICMP ECHO request data
  • You may verify the traceroute to your server at the moment of outage, so you will see when the routing died or on which hop packets lost.
  • You can schedule monitoring ie. you may not want to monitor the website during the night or weekends (you will pay less then, since we charge you in pay-as-you-go model)
  • You may define silent mode in selected hours so we will not bother you with SMS then.
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