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Domain & DNS tests



  • Checks if your domain is properly visible on the Internet
  • Detects DNS and network related errors
  • Verifies how fast DNS is responding
  • Notifies you (via SMS, e-mail, IM, IOS/Android push) when outage occurs
  • Generates SLA PDF reports of DNS availability and send them via e-mail


  • Your domain could be expired, and you will notice that when its too late
  • You forgot to pay for the domain or your registrar made a mistake and the domain is not working properly
  • Someone may perform DDOS attack on DNS server where your domain is stored
  • Human and system errors while transferring/configuring the domain or DNS server


DNS is the crucial part of the whole Internet system. If anything happens to DNS  servers where your domain is stored, it affects your website, e-mail server and all other e-services. With Cloudmonit monitoring you are sure the DNS servers are up and running properly, and if any problem occurs you will be noticed via SMS / e-mail / IM. You may react before anyone know the problem, you may for example redirect the notification to your Internet Service Provider so they can fix the error.

You may get monitoring results in 3 ways:

  • Instant notification - we will send you SMS, e-mail or IM message (depending what communication types you've selected) as soon as we detect a problem with your server. You may redirect those alerts to people responsible for your domain/DNS/servers so the can immediately react and fix the problem.
  • Periodic reports (Service Level) - once per day, week or month. Sent by e-mail in PDF format with crucial information about downtime, errors types, and other problems related to your DNS servers and domain.
  • On-line interface - you can follow your monitoring results in real time, using data charts and status pages.


  • You can check and validate any of DNS record types (A, NS, PTR, TXT, NS, CNAME, SOA, MBOXFW, MX, AAAA, etc)
  • You can define any domain name to ask a particular DNS server
  • You can match the DNS response against regular expression (regexp)
  • You can schedule monitoring for example you may not want to monitor the DNS during the night or weekends (you will pay less then, since we charge you in pay-as-you-go model)
  • You may define silent mode in selected hours so we will not bother you with SMS then.
  • Yo can define max time for DNS response (like 10 seconds) so if the DNS does not respond in this time, monitoring will notify you with Timeout error of DNS.
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