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How it works

Cloudmonit.COM checks if your website and server work properly.

We check your web to ensure it is available and your clients are able to use it. Checks can be performEd every 60 seconds. you will be instantly notIFIED if somethings goes wrong via sms, e-mail or im. this will allow YOU to react imediatelly and fix the problem before clients even notice.

IMPORTANT! Remember the website monitoring is as much important as backups, antivirus and antispam protection. It will help you to prevent website/server outages and reduce down time.

OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE PERFORMANCE, E-MAIL SERVERS AND OtHER E-SERVICES will give you all crucial data about how fast your website is, weather all elements are loading properly, if the DNS are OK and e-mail server is working. It will verify SSL certificate, display detailed statistics of your website performance using HAR charts you may known from Firebug tool. It is also able to check other internet services like VOIP servers/IP telephony and others.

Be the first to know when your website is down

In case of outage, slow loading or other failure and problems, will notify you imediatelly via SMS, e-mail, IM or PUSH for IOS and Android devices. Message will include diagnostic data thet help to discover what caused a problem and will allow you to fix it before other even notice.


Periodic reports of service level allows you to verify SLA agreements. They also contains important data how your website is doing and what kinds of errors were detected during a particular period.


Modern websites, mail systems and other e-services are complex and they depends on many factors. There is a lot of points where a failure may occur. The most important thing is to be notified immediately with all info required to fix the problem. will provide you instant message about detected outage with all necessary information, so you can react quickly, before others even notice. This will allow you to shorten downtime and analyze the situation so it can be prevented in the future.

GLOBAL MONITORING NETWORK has its infrastructure all over the world. Monitoring locations are situated in all major countries or even cities in Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia even Africa. You may chose most important locations for your business and verify constantly if your clients have proper access to your website form selected areas.

WEBSITE UNDER CONTROL 24h/DAY 365 DAYS/YEAR is able to monitor your website all the time, each 60 seconds, collecting data in a huge database. Control panel allows you to view and analyze all gathered info presented on data charts including page speed analysis (HAR), Service Level (availability) page speed trends, errors analysis and others. All this data will help you to optimize your website's speed and availability.

AUTOMATED WITH API has its own API (JSON) that allow you to automate provisioning and service configuration. You can also fetch all gathered monitoring data including: services state, HAR analysys data, errors list, page speed.  You may integrate our monitoring with your own IT systems for further data processing.

Cookies help us to provide our services. By using our services, you agree to the use of cookies. OK